Tornado cleanup continues at Rosalie Baptist Church

Tornado cleanup continues at Rosalie Baptist Church

ROSALIE, AL (WAFF) - The Friday sun set on another day of cleanup in Rosalie as a crew of 20 people worked at Rosalie Baptist Church to pick up the pieces left in the aftermath of Tuesday night's tornadoes.

"We actually received power back yesterday morning around 9 o'clock," said Roger Little, pastor of Rosalie Baptist Church.

A task that's painfully familiar. Greg Devries of the Well Family Worship Center in Scottsboro said this community has been hit with devastating weather three times in the past 10 years.

Rosalie Baptist Church took a beating from the tornadoes. Half of the church was knocked down, heavy tombstones in the cemetery were knocked over, and a Christmas tree farm and event center behind the church were completely wiped out.

Devries came to help with a crew of young members from his church.

"We try to be sensitive to what's salvageable and what might be something that's memorable to them, so that's our honor to help pick up pieces of their life that's been scattered," said Devries.

It's a big help to Little and the hundreds of others working to get back to normal.

"There's been people pulling up in the parking lot what do you need, where do you need me," said Little. "Being able to direct him to somebody's house where they need a tarp put on or a tree cut down."

"It's the most devastating time, but it's also an edifying time to see people work just for the cause of helping one another," said Devries. "The emotion of support, coming with all the letdown, all the what's next, what's happening. Just seeing out of the woodwork, if you would, people coming out of the community to sort things out, to help out. It's real encouraging. It's uplifting."

The bricks can be rebuilt with faith, hope and love, he said.

"It was beautiful, and it's going to be beautiful, I really believe it will," said Devries.

"No matter what your status is, it's a community coming together to work together to put Rosalie back to what it was 48 hours ago," said Little.

"We can do more together that we can ever do apart," Devries said.

"The Lord spoke to me and he said, you know, this is a building. The church is in your hearts and in the people who come to worship at the building," said Little.

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