Animal shelter addresses concerns about Halloween pet adoption special

Updated: Oct. 30, 2016 at 5:31 PM CDT
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Huntsville Animal Services will offer a special for Halloween: free cats and dogs, all day long. There are currently 25 cats and 104 dogs at the shelter, and shelter officials hope the special will help animals find homes.

But some local animal lovers aren’t sure about the event and have taken to the shelter's Facebook page. People have left comments on social media expressing fear that black cats will be used for cruel or sacrificial practices during the holiday. WAFF 48 spoke to an official with the shelter who said although the animals will be free Monday, they will still look for red flags in adopters.

There are a lot of shelters that might have some kind of policy or restriction, you know, 24-48 hours before Halloween,” said Karen Buchan with Huntsville Animal Services. “We don't have that policy. But if some kind of alarm goes off in our heads or something that triggers something or a red flag, we're going to consider, because we want what’s best for the animal. We're looking out for the welfare of all the animals here,” Buchan continued.

Buchan said specials like their Halloween one are part of what helps move so many animals through the shelter every month.

During the month of October, cats and kittens were $9 each. Partially thanks to that, between October 1-30, 108 cats were adopted and even more are currently in foster homes.

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