Florence police replace boy's stolen bike

Updated: Oct. 21, 2016 at 10:58 PM CDT
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FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - A Shoals teenager received quite the surprise Friday after his bike was stolen. Officers from the Florence Police depart, went above and beyond, buying 14-year old Brian Dickenson a brand new bike and presenting it to him while he was at school.

The gesture, all the more moving since Martha Dickenson said her son Brian rides his bike every single day.

"My kids they tell me, take me here, take me there, Bryan is just very independent, he take the bicycle everywhere," said Dickenson.

His mother had sent him on a routine errand on Thursday when it all happened.

"When I received the call, it was a little boy who had his bike stolen at Walmart when he was getting groceries for his family," said Officer Jason Hodges. "The kid was very disappointed, the bike was actually donated to him Christmas last year through angel tree."

"The police came and they said, OK ma'am don't worry," said Dickenson.

Officer Jason Hodges searched for Brian's bike for nearly 2 hours, to no avail.

"I went home, I laid down, I thought about it, and when I go home, and I take something home with me, that means I need to do something about it the next day," she said.

So on Friday morning, Hodges teamed up with his fellow officers Sgt. Randy Lee, Officer Jason Hodges, Officer Ryan Kelley and Officer Guy Lambert with a surprise for Brian.

"The police officers, all of them, they went to the school to give my son the bike," said Dickerson. "He was speechless pretty much, he didn't know what to say, so we just told him to ride the bike around the school halls, so he liked that."

Dickerson said the officers not only do their job, but they do more than their job.

"I didn't do it for publicity by any stretch of the imagination. I did it to see the look on his face," said Dickerson.

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