Rainfall gives Waterloo some wildfire relief

Rainfall gives Waterloo some wildfire relief

WATERLOO, AL (WAFF) - With much of the state in a drought emergency and a week of fires, the sight of rain in Waterloo was pretty special for those who battle the blazes.

Some departments won't see the rain puddles, but Waterloo fire crews are thankful to have it after a full week of battling wildfires.

"We're seeing water and we are tickled to death to see it, so I don't think it's all the way across the county yet but Waterloo has got rain for a change," said Waterloo Fire Chief Ted Kavich.

Kavich said the fire department is in a constant turnover with some who worked nights getting a bit of sleep so they could help during the day. A lot of people have been chipping in, he said.

Since they're department is fully volunteer, most had to take off work to fight the fires. The flames came dangerously close to houses. Kavich said some got within 100 yards of some homes.

The fire is contained, and those who live nearby say their grateful for the much-needed rain.

"The pastures are dried up and the livestock is needing the rain. So the grass can grow a little more for feeding time," said Waterloo resident Steve Boatwright.

Kavich said this week's fires probably cost his department about $1,000. And that's not counting all the other departments that helped.

Even though the area did see water, the fire ban will remain until the governor says otherwise.

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