Fyffe is the new pickers paradise for thrifting

Fyffe is the new pickers paradise for thrifting

FYFFE, AL (WAFF) - There's a lot of "pickin' and grinin'"  going on in Fyffe Alabama these days, and it has nothing to do with music.

The "picking" is being done at thrift stores and flea markets and the "grinning" comes from the buyers getting a great deal.

Mayor Katy Woodall is a former school teacher and says she and her husband were about to retire when they decided to open a thrift store.

"We had the first thrift store in Fyffe," said Mayor Katy Woodall.  "And we were thinking what can we do for our retirement years? And we had always been thrifters, yard sales and different stores, retail shops."

Woodall said it was a passion. Once she became mayor since 2008, they sold the store, but not before the idea grew into many stores.

"We had our own collection and so we were looking for things that we wanted to collect personally, but we also were able to offer the people of the town items that they might want at a bargain," said the mayor.

Vickie Hancock, who is a store owner, said it is her way expressing herself and letting people do the same.

"Even though you have great items, they're hard to sell at a yard sale, or you just can't get very much for them. So this is a way for people to bring their nice items in," said Cupboard owner Vickie Hancock, who helps others present their wares in an artistic fashion.

Likewise, April Wilks and her husband don't own a store but after visiting something similar near Nashville, they started their own "pickin" event.

"We bring all vendors to our farm, from all over.  We have about 6 or 7 states that they come from.  We try to pick the best of the best," said Wilks who is a Vintage Pickin' Yard Sale Event Host.

There are now eight thrift stores in Fyffe.

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