Neighbors on alert after recent burglaries in Huntsville's Five Points area

Neighbors on alert after recent burglaries in Huntsville's Five Points area

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville's Five Points neighborhood was crawling with police after a car burglary in broad daylight on Monday. Neighbors are now paying close attention after an uptick in car break-ins in the area.

Lt. Scott Hudson with the Huntsville Police Department said a brick thrown through the vehicle window, which "sounded like an explosion." Police said someone snatched a gun from the car.

Police questioned a teen they took into custody near the scene. They're also searching for another suspect.

Neighbors admit that crime has been a problem in the area.. One of them, Rachel Feres, said recent car and home burglaries have been an "ongoing problem."

"We have a neighborhood watch that's been very aware of it so we have been on alert," she said.

Feres said someone tried to break into her house two months ago.

"Came home after walking around the block and found that someone tried to kick in my door," she said.

Feres said she's relieved police caught someone of interest Monday.

Police said there's been a recent spike in burglaries, and they're mostly crimes of opportunity.

"They're not going to waste your time breaking into a car if they know they're not going to get anything," Hudson said.

Hudson urges residents to protect themselves by being proactive.

"Keep your vehicles locked up. Keep your valuables out from your car. Bring them inside the house with you, especially any kind of weapon, handgun, anything like that," he said.

Police believe the suspect at large has the stolen gun that was taken for the car.

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