Utility company offers fall energy-saving tips

Utility company offers fall energy-saving tips

(WAFF) - Temperatures are sliding as fall is upon us. Here are tips to save money once you switch over to heat.

The transition into fall is a welcome relief from the heat especially with cool mornings and warm days as a very hot summer in the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures are feeling so good this week, we could give our heating and cooling systems a break.

"Over the next few months, as we experience moderate days, you can set it as what's comfortable to you and you'll find that unit is not having to work much at all," said Joe Holmes of Decatur Utilities.

Holmes advises setting your thermostat at 68 degrees even once temperatures d rop. He said 68 is ideal to save money and still remain comfortable.

Also, look for daylight through cracks in your windows and doors. Those areas must be sealed to keep cold air out during the winter and warm air inside your home.

Holmes recommends other things to save money, such as changing your ceiling fan's direction.

"Warm air rises, but you don't want it trapped at the ceiling during the winter months, so you want that air flowing and circulating. Clockwise during the winter will do that. You want it counterclockwise during the summer," said Holmes.

Holmes also suggests insulating your hot water heater.

Decatur Utilities officials say you won't see the savings reflect on your bill for another three weeks because we're coming out of much hotter temperatures.

Officials say the same cost-saving measure apply for both natural gas and electric units.

Here's a link to eScore to audit your home to see how it rates on energy efficiency.

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