Jackson, Marshall counties struggling financially

Jackson, Marshall counties struggling financially

(WAFF) - The Jackson County Commission says they'll pass a balanced budget but expect financial problems to return. Marshall County officials also expect financial problems down the road.

Commission Chairman James Hutcheson says the budget was nearly $11 million when he came into office in 2010. Today, the budget is around $10.2 million.

With the Tennessee Valley Authority in lieu of tax revenues going down and property taxes stagnant, it causes problems for county governments that don't receive any sales tax revenue.

"The people in the rural areas they come in to the cities and they spend the money, but none of it comes back to the county to services that we're mandated to provide like a jail, a sheriff's department, two court houses, EMA, solid waste, animal control," Hutcheson said.

Hutcheson said a good example that works is in Cullman County where both the city and county split the sales tax revenue.

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