Kitchen Cops: 2 low performers, 2 re-inspections

Kitchen Cops: 2 low performers, 2 re-inspections

(WAFF) - The Morgan County Health Department reports discovering two critical violations during an inspection at Golden Corral in Decatur. The restaurant scored an 82.

One of the violations was for having dented cans of food. That's a critical violation because when a can is dented, botulism contamination can happen, though that risk typically low. Golden Corral also lost points because, according to the health inspector, some pans that had been washed weren't washed well, with residue left in them.

The Paradise Food Mart on Chisholm Road in Florence is a Kitchen Cops Low Performer for the third straight inspection.  A 72, then a 79, and this time they earned a 73. The Lauderdale County Health Department reports they were using eggs straight from a farm, which is an unapproved food source, eggs.

Also, a hamburger was 31 degrees below the required hot-holding temperature, and hot dogs were 18 degrees off the mark. Hot food is required to be maintained at 135°F or higher in order to prevent bacterial growth.

In July, Rice Box in Huntsville earned a 79. This time, the staff earned their way off of the Low Performers list with a 90 for the restaurant's re-inspection.

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