Prostitution Sting Nets Men Seeking Sex

Twenty men arrested- all of them looking to buy sex in a West Huntsville neighborhood, known as Lowe Mill Village.  Police say they men are from all walks of life; they could be your neighbor, your friend.

Robert Stone enjoys the view from his front porch but over the years, he hasn't liked what he's seen.

"It makes the neighborhood look bad," he said.

Prostitution, practically in his front yard all hours of the day and night.

"It's so dangerous nowadays. They could get robbed, they could get incurable diseases," said Stone.

It's a tough crime to wipe out but investigators have made 40 arrests in the last two weeks, good news for residents. Wednesday alone, 20 men were arrested for soliciting an undercover officer they thought was selling sex.

"From Summer Street to Triana Boulevard and Governor's Drive to 10th Avenue," said Bill Chappell, Huntsville Police Officer.

Of the men arrested some were from as far away as Cullman but most were from Huntsville.

"They are your everyday guys," said Chappell. "Most of them hold down a job. Most have a family life."

It's sad but not surprising to Stone, who not only enjoys the view but sits to keep watch out for his family.

"It's not just Lowe Mill Vllage, it's Huntsville. A problem in this city and others," said Stone.

Investigators say there will be more undercover stings to catch prostitutes and the men who seek them out. The ones that are caught will do jail time.