Zika virus reported In Marshall County

Zika virus reported In Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Marshall County has been added to the list of Alabama's Zika cases.

Health officials did not say exactly where in Marshall County the virus was found but say environmentalists were sent to the home of the infected person to check for places where mosquitoes could breed to ward off the possibility they could transmit the virus to someone else.

Scott Harris, assistant state health officer, said 80 percent of the people do not show symptoms and it's not particularly dangerous to most people, but there are concerns with pregnant women.

"Even pregnant women, the women themselves, don't really have problems if they get infected but it's a big issue for an unborn baby so we're strongly encouraging pregnant women to avoid those areas where there's transmission by mosquitoes. Right now that means the Caribbean, Latin America, and then a couple neighborhoods within the city of Miami," Harris said.

Harris said Zika can be transmitted through blood transmissions and sexually, so protection should be used.

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