Alabamians react to 'dead' lottery bill

Alabamians react to 'dead' lottery bill

ALABAMA (WAFF) - State lawmakers failed to pass a lottery after coming to Montgomery for a special session.

It did appear there was a chance, but the Senate voted down the House's amended version.

Governor Bentley wanted the lottery to help pay for the state's Medicaid funding shortfall.

The governor said, "That vote today was not a vote against my bill, it was not a vote against me, it was a vote against those children, those half a million children who are in poverty today."

Bentley isn't the only one disappointed.

Some Alabamians said they wish the bill was still on the table.

"I'm kind of devastated. I just found out about it and now I'm devastated we're not going to have it; I would highly enjoy there being one," TJ Strother said.

Mike Beardall said he believes a lottery would have done the state of Alabama good.

"I think they're pretty stupid for shooting it down because all the other states that have it…it's done them quite a bit of good," Beardall said.

But now voters won't have a say,and Alabamians who play the lottery will keep having to cross state lines to get their scratch offs.

"Everywhere else I've lived, Virginia, Ohio, they've all got lotteries, and they're not running around being crazy or anything." Mikki Miller said.

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