Parent urges lawmakers to pass lottery bill to help fund Medicaid

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Rebekah Pisterzi, a mom of three children takes no prisoners when it comes to her kid's health. That's why she's urging lawmakers to pass the lottery bill yo help fund Medicaid.

"I hate seeing my kids sick," said Pisterzi.

Her kids' health is paid for right now, but that could be at risk.That's because lawmakers are debating on a lottery bill that, if passed, would bring millions of extra funding to Medicaid.

It something she says her kids can't survive without.

"I couldn't do it without it. My kids would never be able to go to the doctor. I can't afford health insurance without it," she said.

Doctors at Happi Clinic in Huntsville say lawmakers needs to spend a day in their shoes.

"You're not looking at that child who comes through the door who needs their vaccines, who is sick and missing a couple days of school because they are sick and can't even get into their doctor for a couple of days to get that evaluated," said Dr. Angelique Andrews.

As for Pisterzi, she wants what's best for her kids and others who are suffering.

"My family suffers but other people suffer as well. So it's not just for me and my family but for everyone," said Pisterzi.

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