Roads In Marshall Co. still need repair after Christmas Day flooding

Roads In Marshall Co. still need repair after Christmas Day flooding

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Work continues in Marshall County to finish repairs due to heavy flooding last Christmas. The rains on Christmas Day 2015 caused major damage in Marshall County, particularly in District 1.

Many roads and bridges were affected. But two roads, Feemster Gap and Aldridge Gap roads, in Marshall County still have a long way to go before being repaired and will have to be rerouted.

Officials said they've made major progress on most of the damage.

County officials say after doing tests they've determined the safest route will be to build a road around the damaged areas. County Engineer Bob Pirando says they're on a mountainside and too much on the edge has washed away.

While not too many people live along the road, it continues to cause issues for those people who have to make the eight to ten-mile detour.

"Well I know Commissioner Stricklend has had discussions or complaints with some property owners and some issues with emergency responders, fire, things of that nature," said county engineer Bob Pirando.

Pirando said they're very early in the design stages right now and estimates it will be at least six months before the roads can be completed.

The bridge on Bluff View was destroyed. In recent weeks, it's back open and traffic flowing.

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