Limestone alcohol petition nearing signature requirement for wet/dry vote

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Time is running out for a Limestone County man to get enough signatures to petition for legalized alcohol sales.

Limestone Beer's Seth Parker has until Wednesday to secure 5,800 signatures. On Monday, he reported just over 4,800.

Parker's goal is to secure 5,800 signatures in time. If he does, then Limestone County voters will decide whether to go wet on the November presidential ballot. And according to Parker, finally going wet makes financial sense.

"Within three years, I think the total revenue in Limestone County would be $1 million per year that would be split between schools and roads," said Parker.

Parker's petition is scattered at convenience stores and businesses across Limestone County.

Patti Suttles, the store manager of Abby's Mini Mart in the East Limestone area, supports alcohol sales in the county. She said it would help her business tremendously.

Suttles said she has already turned in hundreds of signatures, and the store received another 74 in the last few days that are waiting to be processed.

"We just need more people to come in and sign the petition," said Suttles.

Parker has a backup plan if he does not get enough signatures by the deadline. He has several months to reach that 5,800 mark with the signatures he already has if he wants the issue on a special election ballot.

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