Prosecutors fight sentence reduction In Albertville cop killer case

Prosecutors fight sentence reduction In Albertville cop killer case

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A man convicted of killing an Albertville police officer will get a new sentencing hearing after parties failed to reach an agreement in the case.

Attorneys for James Matthew Hyde had hoped prosecutors would consider a lesser sentence, but prosecutors could not reach an agreement.

Hyde was not in the courtroom for Monday's hearing but did appear for the first time back in a June hearing. He was gr anted a new hearing after the Supreme Court ruled juveniles who commit capital offenses may be considered for lesser sentences than life without parole.

Hyde was originally sentenced to death for the 1995 murder of Albertville police detective Andy Whitten, who was murdered by Hyde at his Albertville home. Hyde's sentence was later reduced to life without parole in a Supreme Court decision because of his age.

A hearing was held in June in which the judge asked the defense and prosecutors to see if an agreement to a lesser sentence could be reached.

"I met with the family. We had extensive discussion. It was fairly clear for us that the only resolution would be a continuing sentence of life without the possibility of parole. We put defendants counsel on notice as the court required us to do and that's why we were back here today," said Marshall
County District Attorney Steve Marshall.

Hyde's attorneys also asked to be removed from the case. The judge accepted. New attorneys will now have to be appointed.

There is no word on when that resentencing will take place.

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