Medicaid cuts impacting North Alabama clinics

Medicaid cuts impacting North Alabama clinics

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - North Alabama doctors and hospital administrators said they're already feeling the impact of the Medicaid cuts.

Pediatricians, family doctors and hospital leaders are urging state lawmakers to reverse the Medicaid cuts and find a way to fully fund the program.
They say medical clinics in rural areas are already feeling the effects of the Medicaid cuts that went into effect Monday, August 1. They say about half of Alabama's children and child births are covered by Medicaid and are worried the cuts will impact everyone even those who have private insurance.

That's because majority of doctors in the state treat Medicaid patients. They say the domino effect from the cuts will be disastrous.
"Our practice will be force with the decision to potentially cut staff, potentially limit the number of Medicaid patients coming into our practice. Those cuts and those limitations will then impact wait times and appointment slots," said Pediatrician Wes Stubblefield, M.D.

Governor Bentley is proposing a lottery to help fund the Medicaid shortfall.

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The doctors say they haven't seen the Governor's lottery proposal yet. But, they said they would, "support any increase in revenue that would result in fully funding Medicaid."
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