Huntsville doctor discusses Medicaid cuts

Huntsville doctor discusses Medicaid cuts

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley called for a special session to address Medicaid cuts that went into effect Monday.

Starting this morning, Alabama doctors will see their reimbursements cut by one-third for any Medicaid patient they treat.

Huntsville family practice physician Dr. Tim Howard says this isn't the first time the industry has seen major cuts and shortfalls, but it is the most drastic. He said it's likely to lead to some tough decisions for some very soon.

"That may end up being laying off of employees, that may be cutting back some of your services, that may mean cutting back some of the days that you operate, those kinds of things," Howard said.

Howard says this isn't a fatal blow to the system, but it is a major setback.

He doesn't believe any doctor will turn away current patients just because they're on Medicaid. However, he says some offices may refuse to take on new patients.

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