N. Alabama woman overcomes 3 types of cancer

N. Alabama woman overcomes 3 types of cancer

(WAFF) - Taking on a life-threatening illness like cancer is tough enough. But imagine taking on three types of cancer and beating the odds.

Terry Ellet was diagnosed In 2002 when she was a young mom with 2- and 4-year-old daughters.

"And he told me 2 years later he thought he's never see again.  And that is in my brain, 'cause I thought I was going to die," Ellett said.

Radiation stopped the growth in her neck in 2004, but she was then diagnosed with thyroid cancer as an offshoot of her previous cancer.

In 2006, she thought her health trials were over but was diagnosed with cervic cancer. That meant a complete hysterectomy.

"My worst days were not being able to dress myself or feed myself, not even being able to brush my teeth," she said.

She said her illness ended her marriage, leaving her parents as her support circle.

Although her original tumor still lies dormant in her neck, she feels better and is fighting to get her life back. She said the next step in her journey is to reopen Rocket City Twirlers with former students doing the teaching.

"I would say God's not done with me yet. If he were, I would never have survived the first cancer," she said.

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