Mother of Down syndrome son turns fear into blessings

Mother of Down syndrome son turns fear into blessings

PRICEVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Ashley Pfeiffer was five months pregnant when she went to the doctor to find out the gender of her child.

"They told us he was a boy and he had a little bit of fluid on his brain," said Pfeiffer.  "They were sending us to a maternal fetal medicine doctor to just kind of look at it and decide if everything is ok."

She says they were stunned. "There were a few more markers that made her think he was going to have Down syndrome."

Two-year-old Cade is the middle child between 8-year-old Cole and 11-week-old Karsyn.

His mother has questions about Cade's future. "Now we have to think about who's going to take care of him, what kind of money he's going to have when he grows up," said Pfeiffer.  "Will he be able to have a job? We won't really know, mentally, what he's going to be able to do until he gets older."

But she says that sense of fear turned out to be a major blessing.

"My goal is for people to not say, "Yea there's a kid with down syndrome that goes to school at my school. When people see Cade, they just say oh there's Cade. And that's it. They don't even see that first."

Cade recently won an honor through the National Down Syndrome Society and will be featured on the massive New York City Times Square screen.

You can find more information on community walks at the National Down Syndrome Society website.

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