Greyhound bus leaves passengers stranded for hours in Athens

Updated: Jul. 20, 2016 at 10:29 PM CDT
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ATHENS, AL (WAFF) - Greyhound bus passengers were stranded for over two hours this afternoon in Athens. The bus driver pulled over to the Greyhound station because she was about to go over her limit for hours driving for one day.

"The bus stopped, the driver said she ran out of hours to drive. The law says she can only drive so many hours a day," said passenger Gerard Singley, who was on his way to Nashville.

Most passengers that had somewhere to be, were stuck.

"Another guy has a funeral and he's probably not going to make it, another guy he missed his flight," said passenger Tyler Gross. Gross himself was headed to Indianapolis for a funeral later this week.

"You have a bunch of people stranded here, didn't know how long they were gonna be," said Singley.

We reached out to Greyhound, they issued a statement:

"Because safety is the cornerstone of our business, drivers are allowed to drive 10 consecutive hours before they are required to get nine hours of rest. The driver's first schedule earlier today departed two hours late due to unforeseen circumstances, which made the driver's hours expire about two hours before they reached the destination."

Greyhound sent another driver from Nashville to pick up the passengers, but offered passengers little as far as answers.

"After an hour, we called, and I got no news, none," said Gross.
A Greyhound spokesperson said the bus was stranded for one and a half to two hours, but passengers say it was more like three hours. She also said They don't happen often. This is a unique situation that was unforeseen. 

Even worse, there was there was no shelter at the Athens station for the passengers in today's 90 degree temperatures. The bus driver did, however, keep the bus running with the air conditioning on to help cool off passengers.

"Some people haven't eaten. You have some kids over there in the heat," said Singley. "The driver did everything she could do, she gave them drinks and all that stuff."

Will these riders get their money back? Greyhound says: We handle refunds on a case-by-case basis. However, because they did travel and reached their destination, refunds may not be provided.

"Do I really want to ride with them again? Not really," said Gross. "But hey, if you gotta get somewhere, you gotta get somewhere."
If you know someone who was on that bus today, we've heard the best bet in order to try to get a refund, is to call Greyhound directly.

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