Warnings & Welcomes for Pokemon Go players

Warnings & Welcomes for Pokemon Go players
Capshaw Baptist Church (Source: Pokemon Go)
Capshaw Baptist Church (Source: Pokemon Go)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville Police say the popular mobile game Pokemon Go could lead people into dangerous situations and possible trespassing charges if they become too focused on the game.

"Somebody may be luring you in to make you the victim of a crime," said Lt. Stacy Bates with Huntsville Police.

Police say players of the popular game Pokemon Go need to watch where they're going.

"Stay away from private property, use sidewalks, don't be walking through people's yards, don't be doing anything that's going to put you in a situation that's going to be dangerous for you," said Bates.

The City's also warning players, places you may wander may be inconsiderate or even illegal, and get you arrested for trespassing. The City of Huntsville posted a photo asking players to not play near cemeteries.

"Anything from a few days in jail, to possibly a few months," said Bates.

But local churches are seeing the latest fad in a different light, and hoping people come for the Pokemon, but stay for a little preaching.

"Whatever causes people to come to our church and hear the gospel, we're all for it," said Capshaw Baptist Church Senior Pastor Zach Terry.

Capshaw Baptist Church shows up on the game as a PokeStop, where players can get supplies.

"We wish more would come and check it out, we wouldn't mind putting in some of the lures, and drawing them in, and if we could get them to come in at 10:30 on Sunday that would be awesome."

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