Police say heroin use is making a come back in the Tennessee Valley

Police say heroin use is making a come back in the Tennessee Valley

(WAFF) - E-R Doctors and police say they're seeing Heroin overdoses three times a week.

"It's really making a comeback," Lt. Stacy Bates with the Huntsville Police Department said.

"It makes you less reactive, less responsive including completely unresponsive in an overdose," ER doctor Mark Eich said. "It is here, it is very common and it is very dangerous."

Eich sees patients multiple times a week facing life-threatening consequences after using heroin."Worst case scenario is they will die without help," Eich said.

Police say the spike in heroin use is due to recent crackdowns on prescription drug abuse.

"With new laws that have been enacted, they're not getting their prescription drugs and so they're moving to the next best thing which is heroin and in most cases it's actually cheaper," Bates said. Cheaper, but with a heavy cost.

"You don't know who made that heroin, you don't know what's mixed in with it and some of these things mixed in with it are unfortunately costing people their lives," Bates said.
Law enforcement, doctors and psychologists are all teaming together to try to fix this huge problem. They will all be at a community-wide town hall meeting Tuesday, July 19th from 1:00-3:00 pm at Redstone Federal Credit Union 220 Wynn Drive in Huntsville.

Organizers especially want teens and parents to attend, they say it's really important for parents to know what's going on and to talk with their kids about the problem.

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