Matthews Mission a success

Jordan Matthews (Source: WAFF)
Jordan Matthews (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Madison native and current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews always said he would always come and give back to the community that helped shape him into the professional he is now.

Bright and early Saturday morning Matthews held his first Mathews Mission 7-on-7 flag football challenge and combine for area youth and adults. The flag football teams consisting of area churches. Matthews deeming today a success.
"Right now we have this platform for a limited amount of time,"Matthews said Saturday. "I always say, you're just renting locker space, and when I'm done playing there will be another Jordan Matthews playing. While I'm in this position and while I have this platform, I want to make sure I'm doing the most with it, and just always sow seeds in my community. I'm really excited I'm able to do."
A pair of NFL rookies from Huntsville also helping out today. Buffalo Bills linebacker Reggie Ragland and Indianapolis Colts wide out Chester Rogers were both in the house. Both grew up with each other and course both ribbing each other on who's the overall better football player.
"We all grew up together," Chester Rogers said. "And just to give back to the community It's huge.

"It's a great feeling, when I was a kid I wanted someone to do something like this, and not too many guys came back and did it," Reggie Ragland added. "Me and Jordan are gonna be the guys to do it. As soon as they realize you have to sacrifice something to be successful. That's when a lot of them will do what they want to do like me and Jordan."

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