Madison Pre-K funded after governor's visit

Madison Pre-K funded after governor's visit

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Madison City Schools received a funding boost from the state to implement more Pre-K programs.

It's something district leaders brought to the governor's attention during a recent visit.

The money allows Madison City Schools to fill out the available space at a Pre-K facility. According to the Office of Governor Bentley, the governor issued two separate gr ants totaling more than $82,000 each.

Superintendent Dee Fowler said that will allow roughly 30 more students to sign up for the program. Last month, Governor Bentley made a visit to the Madison Pre-K facility. Fowler took him on a tour of the building and pushed for the need to fully fund it.

"The only thing now that we wish we had is a bigger building or wish we had another building so that we could have more Pre-K classes," said Fowler. "We are very sold on Pre-K. We think that having children having the experience of Pre-K makes them better students."

The gr ants will help with a growing waiting list of young children wanting to attend Pre-K in Madison.

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