Youth development program teaches students life skills through tennis

Youth development program teaches students life skills through tennis

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Tennis is more than a game when you're learning important life lessons, and that's what one group is doing for kids in Madison
County schools.

The Youth Development Association runs the SET program, which is Soaring in Education and Etiquette through Tennis.

The students are learning integrity, discipline, and conflict resolution to take off the court and into the classroom and their everyday lives.

"So one of the great lessons that tennis allows us to teach is integrity," said SET Instructor Al Garrett. "I tell them that when a ball is close, it's not determinable that whether that ball is in or out, it is incumbent upon your character. If you had a good look at the ball, and though it means you're gonna lose a point, that you actually called that ball out."
Lakewood Elementary students got in on the fun on Thursday morning.

Students like Kanen Fletcher said the most important thing he has learned is discipline and how to deal with arguments the best way.

"We go to the net and talk it out, because if you are just on the court arguing, they will stop the game," he said.

All the kids got a chance to play and got tips on tennis, and more importantly, how to live a disciplined life.

You can check out the Youth Development Association's Facebook page here.

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