Danville mother feels child is being singled out for her hair

Updated: Apr. 28, 2016 at 2:47 PM CDT
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DANVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The mother of a Danville High School student is livid. She claims her daughter is getting singled out at school. Not over her behavior, or her grades but her hair.

Danville High school freshman Destiny Collins is a typical teenager, who just happens to like experimenting with her hair.

"I feel like my hair shouldn't really be a problem because it's just me expressing myself," said Collins.

According to Collins, on Monday, the vice principal of Danville High had no problem expressing himself.

"What really made me upset is that he told me to dye my hair or don't come back to school," added Collins.

This is not the first time this has come up.

"By the second week of school, she got called into the office and said she had to color her hair," said Collins' mother, Patricia Roberts. "As the year progressed, kids were still going in and out of school with their colored hair."

Roberts question, why is her daughter being told one thing and not the others?

She even pointed to Danville High School's own website with other students and their brightly colored hair.

"Either go by the guidelines or don't go by the guidelines but you can't just pick and choose who's going to and who's not," added Roberts.

It's in the guidelines as a matter of fact.

Under the dress code section of the Student Code of Conduct, "disruptive or distracting hair colors shall be prohibited," but also with a caveat that said it's up to the principal's discretion.

"This student never received any discipline over this issue. Nor was she ever told not to come back to school," said Danville High School Principal Marty Chambers. "I have discussed proper dress code with other students, not just Collins."

Roberts added if that is the case and the rules are applied to every student equally, then they'll fix her hair.

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