Kitchen Cops: Back-to-back low performer among poor inspection scorers

Kitchen Cops: Back-to-back low performer among poor inspection scorers

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - City Cafe Diner in Huntsville scored just low enough to make the Kitchen Cops Low Performers list. The Madison County Health Department handed them an 84. The inspector reports an employee was eating on a food prep surface in the kitchen.

The health department gave the restaurant another critical violation because a worker did not wash their hands before putting on gloves. Raw eggs were 13 degrees above the temperature needed to prevent bacterial growth, and cheese was nine degrees over the mark.

Store N Deli in Florence did far better during their re-inspection, but they are still a back-to-back low performer. They scored an 83 this time after a 65 during their previous inspection.

Last time, they were given a violation because of chicken sitting in a sink that was more than 20 degrees above the required temperature. The Lauderdale County Health Department reports the same exact violation happened again, and several other cold food items were too warm.

The inspector reports discovering d roppings in cabinets at the Clements Mini Mart as they scored an 83. They also lost points for workers' drinks found in improper places.

In Danville, The Old Cookstove is off of the Kitchen Cops Low Performer list. after scoring a 91 during their re-inspection. The buffet restaurant scored a 78 during their previous inspection.

Old Towne Beer Exchange in Huntsville is one of five Kitchen Cops High Performers that scored a 99. The other are Little Diner in Huntsville, the Quik Mart at 1618 Highway 72 in Rogersville, the Rocket Dogs mobile food unit in Huntsville, and the Dallas Mill Express mobile food unit in Huntsville.

The Dallas Mill Deli is one of three high performers that scored a 98. The two others are the Subway at 15300 Highway 43 in Russellville and the deli at the Super Target on Carl T. Jones Drive in Huntsville.

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