Doctors: Medicaid cuts will 'doom' children in the state

Doctors: Medicaid cuts will 'doom' children in the state

ALABAMA (WAFF) - Doctors warn impending Medicaid cuts in Alabama  will hurt every single person in the state, including those who are not on Medicaid.

They say everyone will notice decreased access to medical care.

Among the most at risk are 500,000 children in Alabama.

The legislature approved a budget that would cut 85 million to Medicaid. Doctors in the state say this would be devastating, especially to children.

If these cuts go through, everyone in the state can expect fewer hospital staff and longer wait times. Private practices say they won't be able to afford the current staff they have right now and will be forced to lay off workers.

Doctors also say the cuts will mean they won't be able to take on any new Medicaid patients. Doctors are especially worried about the harm these cuts will do to children in need of life-saving medical attention.

"We care about the children and their access to care," says Dr. Catherine Wood with the American Academy of Pediatrics. "Most of these kids are living on the fringe and if you take away their health care you pretty much doom them."

Doctors say this will be especially damaging to children on Medicaid with chronic illnesses or pregnant women in rural areas.

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