UAH hopes to keep Acuff as head coach

UAH hopes to keep Acuff as head coach

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - After another successful season at UAH, rumors are swirling that Lennie Acuff is a finalist for the Jacksonville state job.

For UAH Athletics Director E.G. Brophy, the chatter tells him just how good Coach Acuff is.
"March Madness for us around here, has to do with great basketball, but it also has to do with a lot of folks having an interest in our coach," Brophy said Thursday.  "And that's because he wins so much. He does a great job in the classroom when his guys do the right thing on and off the court."
Acuff's resume is as good as any: 371 wins at UAH and 488 overall in his coaching career; an eight-time Gulf South Conference Coach of the Year; and a four-time National Basketball Coaches' District Coach of the Year.  Add that with a couple of elite eight appearances and it's clear that Acuff's name comes up in the off-season.
"There's no doubt that he's in the mix at Jacksonville State," Brophy continued. "We all read the papers. We all read things we see on message boards, watch the news... We're going to do everything we can to keep him here."

Brophy said that the biggest thing is honesty, which he and Acuff have always tried to maintain.

Regardless of what happens. the next two weeks should end any speculation on Acuff's future. Ultimately Brophy hopes to keep Acuff.

"He is a Huntsville native, and we will do whatever we can to keep him here. But the bottom line is if someone comes in here and offers him Fort Knox, I'll just have to help him pack his car," added Brophy.

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