Limestone Co. Schools to equip classrooms with Safe Defend

Limestone Co. Schools to equip classrooms with Safe Defend

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Limestone County Schools are rolling out a new security system that may help keep you and your children safe.

The system, called Safe Defend, puts a safe-like box in every classroom that contains weapons like mace and a police baton. The box also sends out an alert to every teacher in the building, the superintendent, and all local law enforcement once its opened, letting them know where the threat is located.

Limestone County Superintendent Tom Sisk said the only ones able to open the box will be teachers and other school personnel.

"The Department of Homeland Security tells us we need to be ready to run, to hide of fight," said Sisk. "We've got the run and the hide down, this system allows us to fight back because inside this system are non-lethal items like burning mace, a police baton, a battle strobe."

Sisk said teachers have been trained to use the items inside the box.

"What I want to clearly communicate to those who want to do harm is that we're going to fight back, we're going to defend these kids," said Sisk.

Sisk said the safe like box that holds the weapons is virtually impossible for a student to break into, and teachers have been warned, the Safe Defend box is no toy.

"If someone activates it when they're not supposed to, it's been explained to them, there is a consequence," said Sisk.

Sisk said the entire system cost $300,000 to install. Boxes have already been installed at Piney Chapel Elementary School, and Sisk said the district will be equipped with boxes by next month.

"Their child's life means a whole lot to me, and I'm willing to be excessive when they're child's life is concerned. I don't put a dollar amount on a child's life,"
said Sisk.

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