Sheriff says heroin epidemic rising in Morgan County

Sheriff says heroin epidemic rising in Morgan County

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Morgan County Drug Task Force arrested a man on March 3 for distributing heroin, something Sheriff Ana Franklin said wasn't seen a couple of years ago.

Sheriff Franklin said the heroin epidemic is growing in Morgan County, and that the dangerous drug is invading the county's rural areas.

The sheriff said the drug task force made the first heroin distribution bust in the county, in at least a decade, about two years ago.

She said, since then the activity has sharply risen.

The problem, she said, largely comes from a couple of factors, including years of doctors over prescribing opiate medication.

It can be difficult for addicts to get the amount they want, and pills like OxyContin are expensive on the street.

Then comes the heroin, flooded into the U.S. by cartels, creating high volume and low price opiate substitutes for pills.

"When you've got one pill that can cost $80, and you're up to five or six of them at a sitting, three or four times a day, or you can go get heroin that's $20, that's what happen," Franklin said.

Sheriff Franklin added that a major problem compared to pills is that unlike with pills, users never know what's in the heroin, that some of it is stronger and more deadly.

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