Marshall Co. man sentenced again to death in wife, unborn child's murder

Marshall Co. man sentenced again to death in wife, unborn child's murder

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A man sentenced to death for fatally shooting his wife and their unborn child was sentenced again today after an appeals court sent the case back.

The result was another death sentence.

The appeals court sent the case back for clarification on the sentencing for death.

The state has 10 aggravating circumstances to consider and Jessie Phillips only met one.

The judge and the jury both felt it was sufficient for death.

Jessie Phillips left the courtroom with nothing to say following Friday's sentence which keeps him on death row.

Phillips was convicted and sentenced to death in 2012 for the shooting death of his wife Erica Droze Phillips and their unborn child.

It was the aggravating circumstance of intentionally causing the death of two or more persons that the judge said he gave great weight to for imposing death.

Some of the victims family were present in the court for the sentencing.

It was something they witnessed the first time nearly four years ago.

"Capital cases are tough on families for lots of reasons. Part of it is because they never seem to end.  You know over three years ago we got the jury verdict in this case, we received the sentence of death, now three years later we're still fighting that.  That's hard for any family especially this one,"
says District Attorney Steve Marshall.

Phillips will now go back to state prison as his appeals process continues.

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