Alabama trooper delivers baby by side of highway

Alabama trooper delivers baby by side of highway
Trooper Kesler and the new family (Source: ALEA/Facebook)
Trooper Kesler and the new family (Source: ALEA/Facebook)

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - An Alabama State Trooper performed a traffic stop in Limestone County on Sunday - only to help with a birth moments later.

Trooper Michael Kesler stopped the vehicle for speeding on Highway 72 just before 7 a.m., and quickly discovered the passenger was a woman going into labor.

"We passed three hospitals to come here and got pulled over two miles from the hospital," said the woman, Shawna Lowe.

"It was a risk I was willing to take," said husband Danny Lowe. "I was driving safely. I was just going a little bit above the speed limit."

The louder Shawna's screams became, the faster Danny drove.

Then Trooper Kesler stopped them, and learned this baby was coming with or without him.

"My biggest concern was I didn't understand why they were going from Athens to Huntsville to have a baby delivered," Kesler said. "You don't understand it until you get to interview folks and we didn't have that time. I mean, when she said it was coming... She said it was coming."

"She pushed, and I caught him," Danny said. "That's pretty much how it went."

Kesler called an ambulance to the scene soon after delivering the baby. While he and the parents waited, Kesler helped clean the baby and kept it and the new mother warm.

He also coordinated directions between the family doctor and emergency crews via cell phone.

The trooper accompanied the father to Athens Hospital, and while the father went to be with his wife and new child, Kesler popped out to a nearby grocery store, returning with flowers, cupcakes, and a "newborn starter kit" to bring to the parents.

When it was all said and done, six pound, 19.5-inch Barrett Lowe was born happy and healthy - and has quite a story attached to the day of his birth.

Shawna Lowe says it may have been a different outcome if Trooper Kesler hadn't stopped them.

"Cause if he didn't pull us over she would have delivered that baby two blocks over in a moving car while I'm driving and do it all herself," said Lowe.

Ultimately, it's something the family will never forget.

"I've said probably a hundred times that I had a baby in a car. I can't get over that. It still blows my mind that it happened, and we all survived," said Lowe.

"Without hesitation, Trooper Kesler quickly acted and assisted in the delivery of the baby," said Spencer Collier, Secretary of Law Enforcement. "Trooper Kesler's actions [Sunday] exemplify the mission of the Alabama State Troopers - to serve and protect."

Mother and Baby will be released from the hospital on Tuesday.

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