FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY for possible wintry weather

FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY for possible wintry weather

Good Morning TN Valley, this Wednesday is a First Alert Weather Day.

We're looking at the potential for sleet/freezing rain/snow to all impact the morning commute for parts of the valley.  We're already getting in school closures and delays for just about every district in north Alabama & southern Tennessee. Please check the bottom of your screening during WAFF 48 News Today or click the banner at the top of the website.

Throughout the show this morning, we'll have crews out on the road monitoring conditions and bringing you live reports every 15 minutes.

Stephanie Mills is in the Alert Center tracking breaking news overnight with a Taliban attack on a Pakistani University.

Will a Sarah Palin endorsement really help bolster the Trump campaign? That's the question everyone will be looking to answer with the Iowa caucus right around the corner. We'll break down all the presidential politics and the highlights from Palin's rousing speech.

Update: Some of you living outside Decatur's city limits, prepare to pay a little more in taxes. The vote passes, we'll tell you what's in it for you.

Chocolate on fries? Yeah, it's coming to McDonald's and we'll tell you why CHEESE LOVERS can rejoice today!

All that and more on WAFF 48 News Today.

--Margo Gray