Italian man creates flag for City of Huntsville

Italian man creates flag for City of Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - When a man in Italy found out Huntsville didn't have a flag, he decided to change that.

"Dear Huntsville, I want to give you a flag," said Xaphedo on

In a post on Rocket City Reddit, Xaphedo said while he's not from Huntsville or Alabama, or even the U.S., he felt a place so beautiful should have its own flag.

Xaphedo, born and raised in Italy, said "Day after day, we are struck in awe as man and machine tell us more and more about space and its bodies. If one can do that, I hope I can admire Huntsville as well."

He presented a flag with the theme being Huntsville's motto, "The Star of Alabama."

He showed the flag on a pole, as a directional arrow, on a coffee cup, and more. You can see all the different examples in the article here.

He said his flag design is a gift to the city.

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