Crystal Pepsi returns as prize in 2-day giveaway

Crystal Pepsi returns as prize in 2-day giveaway

(WAFF) - Fans of a certain clear soda from the early 1990s are chomping at the bit to win a tasty bit of nostalgia.

Crystal Pepsi was only on the market for a few short years, but its effect on (soda) pop culture has been nothing short of legendary.

Originally cola flavored, lagging sales led to a reformulation of the transparent beverage into a citrus soda before it was phased out completely in 1993.

Since then, with "throwback" formulas of other Pepsi products flying off store shelves, fans of Crystal Pepsi have been demanding the return of the short-lived drink.

Now, their chance to imbibe and revive a part of soft drink history has arrived.

Between Dec. 10-11, Pepsi will allow fans who register with their "Pepsi Pass" app the chance to enter to win one of 13,000 six-packs of Crystal Pepsi that will be produced especially for the giveaway. Full contest rules including alternate methods of entry are available on the app.

You are allowed three entries each day of the sweepstakes, and entries cost 1,000 points. You get points for registering with the app and by visiting restaurants and other locations that serve Pepsi products, as well as connecting with other friends who have the app.

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