Take steps to protect yourself from 'porch pirates'

Take steps to protect yourself from 'porch pirates'

(WAFF) - If you took advantage of the many deals throughout the week of Thanksgiving, you may be expecting a package at your front door.

But, many thieves are also waiting for your deliveries, as well. They're called "porch pirates."

Around 23 million Americans have had their packages stolen from their homes before they could even open them, and that number is expected
to go up.

There are a few ways you can protect yourself against thieves.

First, if you're ordering online, check if the retailer gives the option of a specific delivery time so you can be sure you're home when the box gets d ropped off.

You can also consider having the package delivered to your local store for pick-up.

With today's technology, you can easily check the status of your order and track its movements to know exactly when it's d ropped off.

If you can't be there when a package is d ropped off, ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your item for you for safekeeping. Ask the shipper to require a signature confirmation when the box is d ropped off so your precious items aren't left with no one home – ready for the taking from potential thieves.

Finally, if all else fails and if your employer allows it, consider your work as a place of delivery, so you know you'll be there to get that special package when it's d ropped off.

You can also request to the delivery company that they hold your package at one of their local locations, so you can pick it up later or leave specific instructions for the mail carrier on where they should leave your box at your home, so it can be out of sight and off the front porch.

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