Kitchen Cops: Restaurant cited for raw eggs leaking onto meat

Kitchen Cops: Restaurant cited for raw eggs leaking onto meat

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The New China Restaurant in Huntsville is back-to-back Kitchen Cops Low Performer after scoring a 75 during their re-inspection. They scored an 80 during their previous inspection.

Raw eggs and raw chicken can contain salmonella bacteria and must be kept away from other food. The inspector says they discovered raw eggs leaking onto cooked meat, and they found raw chicken stored above ready to eat food.

New China also got cited for cooked chicken that was 10 degrees above temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holding food, and for stored egg rolls that were seven degrees too warm.

The Huddle House in Hartselle is another back-to-back low performer. They scored an an 78 last time, then followed up with a 77 for their re-inspection.

The Morgan County Health Department reports the water in their dish machine sanitizing rinse was about 30 degrees lower than the required temperature.

Also, several personal drinks were found where they aren't supposed to be stored.

Homeside Restaurant in Sheffield scored an 82. The inspector reports chicken dumplings were not marked indicate when they were made and when they would expire. That was the only critical violation during the inspection.

The Clements Mini Mart is off of the low performers list by scoring an 86 during their re-inspection, which is six points better than last time.

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