New Huntsville prayer space aims for interfaith healing

New Huntsville prayer space aims for interfaith healing

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - In light of recent tensions among religious groups across the world, the Huntsville community is coming together to heal.

A ceremony was held Sunday night to dedicate a prayer space in south Huntsville.

Leaders from several Christian churches, the Jewish and Islamic communities, and even mayor Tommy Battle were all on hand at St. Stephens Episcopal Church to open up a space designed to help the healing process for anyone suffering in the city of Huntsville.

The Healing Steps Labyrinth, as it is called, is a slow form of walking prayer that helps a person relax and focus their minds while meditating on a certain event.

Prior to the dedication, a Thanksgiving service was held inside the church.

Each of the religious leaders in attendance spoke and all preached a message of thankfulness.

"Do unto others, every faith has that, and that's where our focus needs to be," said Lynn Bullard, deacon of St. Stephens. "On the goodness in people and the goodness of worship in praise to our God, on our common life together."

They reminded everyone in attendance to have an open mind, and to see things from the perspective of the other side, like Syrian refugees, for example.

They wanted the people in North Alabama to unite and form a human bond.

"Huntsville is a very diverse city, lots of people from lots of places," said Bullard.

The collection at the Sunday service was donated to yet another church, the Grateful Life Church, which serves the homeless community in Huntsville.

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