Kitchen Cops: Chicken in mop sink, roaches found during inspections

Kitchen Cops: Chicken in mop sink, roaches found during inspections

(WAFF) - Golden China in Madison is a Kitchen Cops Low Performer for the second straight inspection. They scored a 77 after scoring an 84 during their previous inspections. The inspector reports an open bag of raw chicken was sitting in a mop sink. Golden China also was cited because 15 pounds of raw beef was 15 degrees above the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold food.

Touchdown Wings in Athens scored a 73. The Limestone County Health Department reports some cold-holding food was not cold enough, with chicken fingers 27 degrees above the required temperature and wings that were 17 degrees too warm. The inspector also reports the ice shoots and drink nozzles needed to be cleaned, and that they were using damaged fryer baskets.

Mountaintop Cafe in Phil Campbell scored a 76. The Franklin County Health Department reports finding roaches, and the inspector says no barriers, such as gloves or utensils, were used to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat food.

China Buffet in Decatur scored an 82. The inspector reports egg rolls, crab meat, meatballs, cooked chicken and raw chicken were 8 to 14 degrees above the required temperature.

The Y Mart Deli in Boaz is this week's low scoring low performer with a 67. The inspector reports hot-holding chicken was 24 degrees below the required temperature, the inside of the ice maker needed to be cleaned, and the soda nozzles did, too.

Chaz's Place in Priceville scored an 83. The inspector reports a worker made bare hand contact with ready to eat food while making a sandwich. That can cause cross contamination, as can another violation reported for workers using the same towel to dry their hands.

The Raceway on Highway 53 in Huntsville is now off of the low performers list after they scored a 94 during their reinspection, which is 12 points better than last time.

There are seven Kitchen Cops High Performers this week. The Subway on Highway 43 in Russellville earned a perfect 100.

The Lawlers Barbecue Express on Jeff Road in Huntsville 99, as did the deli at the Publix Super Market on Winchester Road in Huntsville 99,

The following each scored a 98; the Subway on Oakwood Avenue in Huntsville, the Firehouse Subs on South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, the Subway in Owens Cross Roads, and the Subway in the 11-thousand block of South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville.

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