How you can get in on Huntsville's 'Big Picture Master Plan'

How you can get in on Huntsville's 'Big Picture Master Plan'

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville's mayor wants to reshape the city with a comprehensive 'Big Picture Master Plan' for the future.

He and his urban planning team are now inviting residents to give their input on two upcoming projects.
"We began gathering data for the plan early last year," said Mayor Tommy Battle. "And that information set stage to dozens of public gatherings , guest lectures with national planning groups, economic development experts."
It's now a list of wants and needs from area residents.
"It's truly going to define the direction we go and the decisions we make as we move forward," said Mayor Battle.
The first step is in motion and that's a community meeting to discuss the future of Grissom High School in South Huntsville. 

"Instead of taking an existing facility and just reusing the square footage, we actually look at it as an amenity for the community," said Dennis Madsen, Huntsville's Urban Planner. " How you can change it into almost a town center or a downtown."
The other meeting will address the growing development in the Medical District near Governor's Drive.

 "There's a lot of redevelop pressure around that neighborhood," said Madsen. "How do we make sure that it maintains it's great quality of life but also accommodate these new developments."
Some city council members appear to be on board.
"I'm certainly elated that your administration is working towards enhancing the quality of life for all people," said District 3 Councilman Will Culver.

Though District 1 Councilman Richard Showers questions if the "Big Picture" includes his district.
"If the Big Picture is going to do anything, we want to see more development directed toward North Huntsville," said Showers.
Mayor Battle says the city's long term plan is still in the works and could be finished by Spring 2016.

The first community meeting is Oct. 13th at Grissom High located at 7901 Bailey Cove Road at 6 p.m.

The second community meeting is Oct. 14th at the Huntsville High Freshman Academy located at 2304 Billie Watkins Street.

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