Man posing as licensed contractor causes many problems for Huntsville family

Man posing as licensed contractor causes many problems for Huntsville family

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A man posing as a licensed homebuilder and general contractor landed our radar when a Huntsville family reached out to us after learning the hard way that he wasn't licensed.

They have been living in a construction zone for more than a year now and they are dealing with more problems than they started with. Exposed outlets, cracked and uneven floors and light fixtures installed upside down are not even the half of it.

Everywhere you look, you'll find a problem in the Linnan family home and to think it at started with a simple search on Craigslist.

"We were kind of looking on Craigslist for painters and saw an ad," said Susan Voce.

For All Aspects Home Remodeling & Home Improvements, catering to everything they needed in one spot. On top of painting, they needed an inspector for their new home. The man behind the business, Johnny Ray Jordan.

Susan Voce claims Jordan told her he was an inspector and was licensed and insured.

She says he mentioned he had a crew that could do more work in her home, and that is when she says the problems started.

"Oh, you have got a rotten floor in the bathroom so then they have to retile the entire bathroom," said Voce.

Without ever asking to see his license, Voce and her mother handed Jordan a check.

"He asked for $10,000 dollars to get supplies with before he started the job," said Jeanette Linnan.

Multiple contracts some even hand written show the job got a little more involved.

"He never fixed anything but kept tearing things up," added Voce.

All the while they continued to write Jordan and his workers check after check after check, in all Voce said they paid Jordan close to $50,000.

Randy Cunningham is over the Inspection division for the city of Huntsville and said Jordan was doing work outside of his license.
"There's no listing on there for tile, flooring, framing, trim work, cabinets, and most definitely they can't do plumbing or electrical or anything like that," said Cunningham.

Cunningham said the license Jordan does have for All Aspects is limited to painting, siding, storm doors, windows and gutters.

"We have also cited him for doing work at another property for similar violations," added Cunningham.

However, Cunningham says many like Jordan just pay the fine and go back to work and that's the challenge behind stopping them altogether, they have to catch the workers in the act.
When we contacted Jordan said that everything he did, he did correctly. Jordan says in the past he was cited because he did not renew BAMA Granite Tile & More.

When we looked at All Aspects ad closer, we found Jordan still advertising for services outside of his license and he was pulling pictures from other legitimate websites to use for his company.

"Some of it is, some of it I pulled off the internet, it's just to give people ideals." Jordan says about the work shown on his website.

Jordan was arrested in February for theft by deception connected to All Aspects. However, the charges were d ropped when Jordan paid back the victim.
Jordan said he never posed as a home inspector or did any work at the home that didn't fall under his sub-contracting license.

He said after Voce was inappropriate with his workers, he walked off the job but what was left behind, was in good condition.

"Everything we touched we was licensed to do," said Jordan. "And I want to make it right, there's no pleasing this woman, she got all y'all fooled."

Cunningham said to prevent you from getting fooled do not use Craigslist and to make sure they have both a county and municipal privilege license and full coverage insurance and ask to see them.

"It amazes me that with all the resources available, how many people still get abused by unlicensed, unqualified people," said Cunningham.

At one point, Jordan agreed he would pay back a portion of the money to the Linnan family but backed out of that as well and has now decided to seek legal counsel.

Jordan said he will continue to advertise his company on Craigslist.

The family says they will never use Craigslist again.

Meanwhile, the city of Huntsville has turned over their findings on All Aspects to the Alabama  Homebuilders Licensure Board for them to further investigate.

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