Potential jurors questioned for Jackson County murder trial

Potential jurors questioned for Jackson County murder trial

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Jury selection is underway in Jackson County for a man accused of beating his wife to death then leaving her body in a shallow grave nearly twenty years ago.

On Thursday, the first of two panels met with prosecutors, the defense, and the judge where there were plenty of questions.

Prosecutors asked questions this morning while the defense asked questions Thursday afternoon.

They're trying to determine any biases as they seek a fair and impartial jury.

Opening statements are expected on Monday for Barry Van Whitton whose charged with the murder of his first wife, Michelle, back in 1997.

Prosecutors gave clues about their case asking jurors if they could convict using circumstantial evidence and if they were unable to provide a motive for the crime.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys had questions if jurors had been victims of domestic violence.

It's unclear why some questions were asked such as if they were big game hunters, of American Indian descent, and if they had bumper stickers on their vehicles.

A second panel is expected to be asked questions Friday before both panels come back Monday morning where a jury will be struck.

Until Monday the judge ordered potential jurors to not watch news reports about the case and gave them a tough one, stay off social media such as Facebook.

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