Governor, 13 others sued for alleged conspiracy

Governor, 13 others sued for alleged conspiracy

(WAFF) - A lawsuit alleges a conspiracy involving Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, his legal advisors, a state senator and 11 other plaintiffs.

The former CEO of Alabama One Credit Union alleges a conspiracy to use state regulators to crack down on the credit union in order to pressure them into settling lawsuits.

The lawsuit alleges Jay Smyth, who represents five plaintiffs who are suing Alabama One and who used to be law partners with Governor Bentley's Chief Legal Advisor, David Byrne, went to Byrne for help getting those lawsuits settled.

The former CEO alleges Byrne conspired with others, including State Senator Gerald Allen, to influence the Alabama Credit Union Association to impose sanctions on the credit union to pressure Alabama One to pay out tens of millions of dollars. The suit states Governor Bentley was at some of the meetings when the plan was discussed.

WAFF 48 Legal Analyst Mark McDaniel said these are just accusations right now, but if proven to be true, they would be serious offenses.

"These are no just boilerplate allegations that you get in a form book and file a complaint. These are specific allegations, and they are very serious allegations. I know the governor, and the governor's legal counsel and the people named in this lawsuit have lawyers that will be filing answers, and I'm sure their answers will be specific," McDaniel said.

Governor Bentley's Deputy Legal Advisor is also named in the lawsuit. . He and the other plaintiffs have 30 days from the time they were served to submit a legal response.

Page four of the lawsuit outlines the allegations. To read the lawsuit click here.

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