Convicted killer's attorney: Jurors influenced by outside sources

Convicted killer's attorney: Jurors influenced by outside sources

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Attorneys for a Limestone County man convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison are claiming jury members were influenced by outside sources and by each other to reach a verdict.

They're now asking the judge to call the 12 members of the jury to the stand to testify as to what happened.

Wednesday's hearing lasted more than 2 hours. The bottom line is the defense claims jurors broke their oath during the trial, while prosecutors say there is no evidence that supports any of the allegations are true.

"I hope I get some justice, because it was an accident, I never intended to kill nobody," said Joel Moyers, convicted killer.

Defense attorneys claim there are several instances in which jury members broke their oath, one of which involves a cell phone the other involving a lunch break during deliberations.

However prosecutors say the allegations are based off speculation and there is no evidence that proves what occurred affected the jury's ultimate verdict.

The defense wants to bring all 12 jurors back in to testify as to what happened outside of the courtroom, but prosecutors say not sot fast.

"They're on a fishing expedition, they want to bring them up here they want to parade them, they want to ask them questions that has nothing to do with their jury verdict and that's why we've objected and we're going to continue to object up until the day we have our motion for a new trial," said Brian Jones, Limestone County District Attorney.

A 12 member jury convicted Moyers of shooting and killing 26 -year-old Brandon Hydrick in the Tanner community back in 2012.

The judge said he'll issue an order on Wednesday's hearing after he reviews evidence from both sides.

In the meantime Moyers is set to formally request a new trial  during a hearing set for next Tuesday.

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