Huntsville firefighters want equal pay as Huntsville police

Huntsville firefighters want equal pay as Huntsville police

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville firefighters are facing a different kind of battle than they're used to, battling the city over salary.
Huntsville firefighters and police officers both put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Now Huntsville firefighters are asking the city to pay the two departments equally.

"When a firefighter is hired he or she receives $12.51 per hour," Huntsville Firefighter Association President Stephen Jones said. "When a police officer is hired he or she receives $18.54 per hour."

Mayor Tommy Battle said it's not that simple.
"Do you compare a police officer to a firefighter? Each one is taken separately because their jobs and responsibilities are different," Mayor Battle said. "And they have a different job set of what they do."
The Huntsville Firefighters Association says many other cities view both jobs as being worth the same amount of salary.
"The city of Huntsville has a creed that maintains we are the star of Alabama and we have shown there are other major cities in Alabama where firefighters and police officers have parity," Jones said. "But Huntsville does not."

Mayor Battle maintains it's hard to compare the two different jobs.

"How do you talk about somebody, their pay scale, what their worth what their value is? We value every city employee in Huntsville especially our firefighters they do a great job for us," Mayor Battle said.

Huntsville firefighters said that great job should be rewarded with the same pay as Huntsville police.
The city and Huntsville Fire will present each side Thursday at city council.

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