Council member accuses Madison mayor of poor communication

Council member accuses Madison mayor of poor communication

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - A Madison city council member called the mayor out Monday for what he calls a lack of communication.

Council members say they want to explore the option of getting a city manager because of it. But Mayor Troy Trulock fired back, saying the city is already doing great.

Earlier this month, the Madison City Council created a city administration task force.

"We truly do not know where the task force will explore all options presented," said Madison City Council President," Tommy Overcash.

The task force, composed of local citizens, will determine if the city needs a number of positions, including a city manager.

"I believe that the council is in 100 percent agreement that we should at least have a discussion about it, and it should be an open discussion with the community," said Madison City Council member Steve Smith.

So why does the council feel the need for this study?

"To me, the answer is we have poor communications with the mayor," said Councilman Mike Potter. "What meetings he is going to, who he's meeting with and what's being discussed."

Potter accused Trulock of being lax in both communication and attendance at previous meetings.

"Last Wednesday's session is the first one I can recall in a long long time that the mayor attended from beginning to end," said Potter.

The mayor didn't directly respond, but says they city is doing great.

"[Madison] was ranked number two in the nation for veterans, and just a few weeks ago we were recognized as number eight in the nation for working families," Trulock said.

In agreement or not, the task force is moving forward and will have their first public meeting next month.

"Regardless of the outcome, I would hope we can come together soon and communicate more effectively in the near future, for the good of our community," said council member Tim Holcombe.

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