Preacher's widow turns 106 In Decatur

Preacher's widow turns 106 In Decatur

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - So just where is Carrie Smith from?

"Spring Creek, the place is called Spring Creek. And I was born in 1909."

And that makes Ms. Smith, a Lawrence County native, 106 years young with a lot of wisdom and experience.

She remembers how people traveled when she was young.  "Wagon and buggy. Didn't have no cars back then...way back."

And she remembers the fear of her first car ride. "I was so scared I'd have a wreck and get hurt...hahaha."

There are many downtown areas like Decatur's Second Avenue which are bustling today. But back in the day, Miss Carrie can remember when the economic bottom fell out, during the depression.

She says the hard times were when families pulled together to share what they had. She was an eyewitness to those changing times like Word War 2 and rationing an already meager bounty. "They would ration food and clothes."

Her stories are passed down to 32 grandchildren, 74 great grandchildren and now 28 great, great grandchildren. Her niece, Jessie Fuqua grew up in the same household and remembers her aunt's stories of hard times.

"When food was scarce and you know you had a voucher," Fuqua said,. "And you could only buy what that voucher would say for that week. And if you run out of food you were just out. You couldn't get anything else."

Fuqua says they mostly ate what they grew or raised.  "Everything she earned was by the sweat of her brow."

During good times, Miss Carrie remembers what "going to town" meant on a Saturday morning. "They were going to get their groceries and take them home."

The widow of a preacher, Miss Carrie worked hard to drill certain life lessons into her own children - the importance of education, hard work and walking in the light of your faith.   "..and going to church...hold up the light....keep yourself in the right way."

She says if you want to live a long life, these are the tenets which must be followed.

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