Falkville police give fugitives chance to 'come clean'

Falkville police give fugitives chance to 'come clean'

FALKVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Thursday was Fugitive Safe Surrender Day in Falkville.

The police department and magistrate allowed people with outstanding charges in Falkville to come in and come "clean." If they do that, police won't have to come looking for them, and they won't have to go to jail.

They set up at the municipal building. Fugitive Safe Surrender Day is for people who haven't taken care of misdemeanors, everything from traffic violations to drug possession.

"It gives the fugitive the opportunity to turn themselves in without going to jail," said Falkville Police Chief Chris Free. "It saves the police department time by not having to go out and find these guys and girls and put them in jail. It saves the court time."

People with outstanding warrants can still turn themselves in until 9 p.m. Thursday night. Falkville officials are looking at scheduling more Fugitive Safe Surrender days in the future.

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